Have a look at the future of rehabilitation and sport training


Introduction to Kineo

Discover in a few simple steps how to use Kineo and take advantage of its incredible features and different working methods.

Kineo for sport performance

The machine that revolutionizes the work of modern athletic trainer and functional rehabilitation, allowing to perform various functional exercises.

Smartload method

The intelligent method that allows painless training in joint diseases thanks to the exclusive VisKoTech technology.

Overload Jump Training

The intelligent method that allows you to perform the jump training with overload in the pushing phase and eliminate it during landing.


Shoulder rehabilitation

A journey to discover the various functions and methods for rehabilitation that bring the shoulder back to its full efficiency.

Isometric test

A few simple sequences to perform an isometric shoulder test.

Isokinetic test

A few simple sequences to perform an isokinetic test for shoulder intrarotators.

Impingement gleno humeral

How to best train the glenohumeral depressors? With Kineo, it’s simple.