Kineo Pulley/Curl is an extremely innovative piece of equipment. It combines two key platforms: Kineo Pulley and Kineo Curl.

Kineo Pulley gives access on a wide range of exercises designed to train meticulously the muscles of torso, lower, and upper limbs. Exercises can be performed varying the load between eccentric and concentric phases. Kineo Pulley is also able to maximize neuromuscular activity (e.g. performing short-distance sprints against variable levels of resistance).

Another feature of Kineo Pulley is the Leg Curl platform (optional) that can be easily set up in place of the Squat.

 No more limits for your training.

  • Eccentric Squat training – injury prevention and neuromuscular training. All in one.
  • Intelligent Vertical Jump – your power jump training to the next level
  • Sport-specific training – improve your functional strength
  • Core training
  • Run & Control training – up to 5 m
  • Hyper-body Viscous Training – biceps/triceps hypertrophy work

Training methods included:

Isotonic WIT
(with inertia training)

(no inertia training)


  • Test included:
    Dynamic Tests :
    Concentric Max Strength
    Eccentric Max Strength
    Power Test
7.0 VERSION (Full)

Training methods included:

Isotonic WIT
(with inertia training)

Isotonic NIT
(no inertia training)


Viscous (with 6 viscousity levels)



Variable load


Tests included:

  • Dynamic Tests:
    Concentric Max Strength
    Eccentric Max Strength
    Concentric Balance
    Eccentric Balance
    Power Test
    Jump Power Test
  • Isometric Tests:
    Max Strength
    Balance test

    Isokinetic Tests:
    Max Strength
    Balance Test



  • WiFi connected
  • 12’’ touch screen display
  • Unlimited training & data storage
  • 2 USB-socket connection
  • Premium quality Italian leather
  • CE certficate

Body machine

*with squat platform installed

  • Dimensions (LxPxA): 177 x 90 x 184 cm
  • Weigth: 300 kg
  • Electric motor: nominal power 1.6 kW (230V – 8A – 50Hz)
  • Cable max extraction: 4 m (up to 5 m with dedicated accessory)
  • Min/Max Pulley loads: 1-110 kg
  • Min/Max Isokinetic speeds: 0,1 – 5 m/s
  • Squat Elite (max. 440 kg)
  • Leg Curl