Isometric Method

The ISOMETRIC method consists in producing a muscular contraction, even maximal, without the shortening of the muscles and without moving the affected joint.

This method is used in functional rehabilitation because it is safe, modular, does not produce movement or joint stress and improves the recruitment of muscle fibers.


A step forward in Isometric training

Continuous control of the strength.
Workout on multiple angles.

To overcome the limitations of the traditional isometric method, KINEO introduced the measurement of the isometric force referred to the time used to develop it.

Kineo is also able to program isometric exercises on different angles for a full range strength training.
The Biofeedback system allows you to control step by step how the training proceeds.

Isometric assessment

Multi-angle Isometric assessment allows to have an insight of your muscular strength curve. It reveals any possible deficit at any tested positions.

In order to evaluate the quality of the neuromuscular activation Kineo offers the ” T30–T50–T90–T100 ” data analysis.

  • assessment of isometric strength at different working angles
  • assessment of strength imbalances between two limbs
  • assessment of isometric neuromuscular activation: Force / Time Ratio T30-T50-T90-T100


  KINEO SYSTEM     Traditional isotonic machines
Strength measurement Yes
up to 440 Kg
Angular control Yes Yes
Strength visual feedback Yes No
Test and training computerized programming Yes No
Analysis Report Yes No