Elastic Method

The traditional elastic method uses elastic cords or rubber bands to produce a variable resistance depending on the amplitude of the movement.
The main limitation of elastic training consists in the difficulty of quantifying the load and in the impossibility of a precise modulation of this resistance according to the needs of training.

Kineo recreates the same sensation and the same effects of elastic resistance, making the loads objectively measurable and modifiable.

The next step in Elastic Training

Several elastic loads with a click

Setting up an elastic load is very simple:
enter the initial and the final load and your customized elastic training will be created automatically.

The elastic method functionally adapts the resistance of the exercise to your range of motion: minimum load in unfavorable points, higher load in the optimal ones.


  • Elastic training which increases the load with lengthening (traditional system)
  • Elastic training with different features between Concentric and Eccentric phases
  • Elastic reverse training, which decreases the load with lengthening, ideal for functional exercises
  • Elastic load only for a specific, concentric or eccentric phase.