Practical insights into the use of Kineo for sport and rehabilitation

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KINEO multistation:
the eccentric training specialist

This video about the KINEO Intelligent Load range of models and accessories, focuses on the extraordinary advantages of the Biphasic concentric/eccentric differentiated load and explains why KINEO is the real specialist of the Eccentric training. In this video you’ll see how to set up a different Eccentric load both in the training and in the test area for sport performance and functional recovery in rehabilitation.

KINEO leg press:
the lower limb specialist

This video is an introduction to the main features of the KINEO Leg Press machine. You will enjoy a brief description of the different training methods and tests which are available with KINEO Leg Press.

KINEO: why intelligent load

In this video we see the working principles of the VLC Variable Load Curve method. After having done a proper evaluation of the patient or athlete, it is possible to use this method to personalize the load curve in every point of the selected range of movement. In this way it is possible to avoid painful zones during the movement and continue the progressive functional recovery. We can use the VLC method also for high-performance training using the load spikes in some points of the movement and obtain a sudden stimulation for the athlete’s reaction.

Isokinetic evaluation with KINEO leg press

In this video we’ll see how it is possible to perform an easy and fast Isokinetic evaluation of the lower limbs in close kinetic chain with KINEO Leg Press. The video also explains how to read and interpret the data and graphics obtained through the test.


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