MB Therapy

MB Therapy and Kineo Training Methods

Michelangelo Barbieri and NIT Training, Smart Viscous method, Test & Evaluation.

MB Therapy and Kineo

Rehabilitation and Functional Recovery, find out more with Kineo Intelligent Load…


MIOLAB and Kineo: The Eccentric Experts

Filippo Pinazzi show how to personalise eccentric in the post-surgery phase.

.…from theory to practice…

Variable Load vs Traditional load.


Fisiokiné and Kineo

Rehabilitation, Prevention and Test Evaluation with Kineo Intelligent Load: explained by prof. Guido Belli (PhD).

Spazio Medica

Spazio Medica, like in a “Swimming-pool” but without water

Laura Moro & Smart Viscous Training Method.

Kineo in Spazio Medica

How to implement Kineo Intelligent Load: from analytic to functional exercises.