1. Is Kineo an Isokinetic machine like Biodex or Cybex?

Kineo Intelligent Load allows you to perform different isokinetic tests, both concentric and eccentric, to test the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, and back as any other isokinetic machine. With Kineo it’s possible to perform a complete and precise assessment of the patient/athlete within few minutes and it provides you with line graphs and numeric parameters to evaluate your clients.  

KINEO though is NOT a classic Isokinetic machine, but it features many other training methods and test (for more details see the training methods and tests sections)

2. Does Kineo Intelligent Load allow to perform all the isokinetic test of a classic isokinetic machine?

With Kineo Intelligent Load, depending on the working station selected, you can perform several isokinetic tests: concentric and eccentric evaluations, concentric-eccentric ratio and test one limb (right or left) at a time for an interlimb comparison to assess any asymmetry. Kineo is not a classic Isokinetic machine though.

3. How precise is Kineo Intelligent Load compared to an isokinetic machine?

The first comparisons between Kineo and other isokinetic machines have held positive outcomes. Moreover, we are constantly working in conjunction with different universities to continuously assess validity and reliability of the Kineo System during isokinetic tests.

4. Is Kineo similar to a isoinertial machine (yo-yo)?

Kineo Intelligent Load is not an isoinertial machine, in fact it is much more. With Kineo you can select the load in the different phases (concentric and eccentric), but you don’t have the dangerous spike in the phase change (cause of many injures), which instead is very common with the isoinertial machines. With Kineo it’s possible to select among seven different training methods and several tests, while with the isoinertial machine it’s possible to train only in isoinertial modality.

5. Is Kineo similar to a machine air compressor machine?

No, Kineo Intelligent Load is an electric engine powered machine and not a compressor power machine. There are several advantages deriving from using an electric engine. To name just a few: extremely precise strength, power and speed selection; maximum quiet and smooth when in use, so no compressor noise.

6. How many working stations does Kineo have?

Kineo Multistation model has the following stations: leg extension, squat, pulley, leg curl. Kineo Pulley&Squat model has the following stations: pulley, squat and leg curl. As optional accessories it’s possible to add at any time to both models: the jump platform (which enables the use of squat up to 400kg), the lat-machine kit, the leg-press kit (up to 400kg Max). Kineo Leg Press model is instead specific for leg training, but it’s possible to simulate also a rowing training.

7. Being Kineo a multistation machine, how many people can work out at the same time?

With Kineo Intelligent Load, one user at the time can work on the machine. Kineo System allows the trainer to create a profile for each user to collect data from both training and testing sessions and save them on each user’s profile.

8. What body parts can be trained on Kineo?

Kineo Intelligent Load allows you to work out each and every part of your body: upper body muscles, lower body muscles and trunk (core) muscles. Moreover, Kineo allows you to quantify every moment of each movement pattern with precise data collection to better understand how your body is moving from a neuromuscular point of view.

9. Is Kineo a machine for rehabilitation or for high performance?

Kineo Intelligent Load has been created to work in different settings: from the elderly population to professional athletes, from rehabilitation to high performance training. In fact, Kineo System allows you to plan and customize specific training sessions for your clients based on the physical conditions and goals. With a wide variety of tests (Dynamic, Isometric and Isokinetic tests), it’s possible to fully and precisely assess a patient/athlete in a matter of few minutes. With seven different training methods (Isotonic WIT, Isotonic NIT, Elastic, Viscous, Isometric, Isokinetic and VLC Variload curve, Kineo System offers you multiple options according to the person you are working with.

10. What are the advantages of Kineo compared to the competitors? What makes Kineo unique?

Kineo Intelligent Load with its seven training methods in one machine allows you to tailor specific training sessions according to each one of your clients in terms of:

  • concentric and eccentric differentiated loads
  • ramp values (how quick the load increases or decreases)
  • specific loads at specific angles across the Range of Motion (ROM)
  • number of repetitions and sets
  • speed, power and strength feedbacks

Kineo System provides you the opportunity for a complete evaluation for training and rehab, automatically saving every session and giving real-time feedback to achieve your goals.

Kineo Intelligent load is unique because the Viscous training method allows you to carry out rehab exercises without pain. The viscous resistance (e.g. water) increases or decreases depending on the speed of the execution.

Moreover, with a wide range of dynamic, isometric, and isokinetic tests, physios and S&C coaches can assess the static and dynamic strength conditions for evaluation purposes after an injury or to monitor one’s fitness. Each testing session makes possible to identify the optimal therapeutic path to control patient’s progress until complete, functional recovery.

11. How difficult is to install Kineo Intelligent Load?

The installation of Kineo Intelligent Load is easy and straightforward. All the information and steps to perform it quickly and safely will be sent to you with the packaging.

12. What are Kineo’s dimensions?

Kineo Multistation EPS has the following dimensions (mm LxDxH) for the machine (900x2550x1850mm) and its weight is 332kg.

Kineo Pulley & Squat has the following dimensions (mm LxDxH) for the machine (900x1850x1850mm) and its weight is 303kg.

The squat accessory is 1150x1150x225mm and 47kg.

The leg curl accessory is 1000x780x1040mm and 75kg.

The jump accessory is 1145x815x175mm and 29kg.

The leg press accessory is 750x2100x1500mm and 215kg.

Kineo Leg Press has the following dimensions (mm LxDxH): 750x2650x1500mm and 400kg.

13. Usually how long does it take to learn to use Kineo for an average physiotherapist or PT?

After the first training on site by our experts, one week of practicing with Kineo is enough to work with it independently and easily. However, including in the purchasing package there are several online training sessions where our team of experts and specialists will guide you step by step in the learning process thank you also to possibility to connect Kineo online and to share the device’s display.

14. Included in the price of Kineo, how many training days are included?

You have 4 days included in the price of Kineo: two days at your clinic or center, and two days of training at our HQ in Codognè (Treviso, Italy). Moreover, you can contact us for additional training sessions according to your needs whenever you need us.

(*) The situation with Covid-19 does not allow us to travel at the moment, but thanks to the possibility to connect Kineo online and to share the device’s display our experts and specialists are available to provide our clients with online/live training.  

15. What languages does Kineo Intelligent Load support?

The languages supported at the moment by Kineo Intelligent Load are Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Chinese.

16. What is the regular maintenance that must be done on Kineo?

The maintenance of your Kineo is supported by our assistance team and depends on your specific needs. Our team will be happy to help you and answer your questions one-to-one.

17. What are the main parts which require assistance after the first year of use?

Depending on how often you use Kineo, the cable and handles might need to be substituted after a few years of use. Our after sales support is always available to assist our clients.

18. Is there any list of spare parts which should be always available for the regular maintenance of the machine?

No, our assistance team will provide you anything you might need for the maintenance of Kineo.

19. What should I do to become Kineo Reference Point of Kineo Point?

In order to become a Kineo Reference Point or Kineo Point, get in contact with as at [email protected] and ask for more details about this great opportunity.

20. Are you interested in a cooperation with a professional athlete?

Yes, we are always open to cooperation with professional athletes who have proven to be at the top of their sport. Get in contact with as at [email protected] and ask for more details about this great opportunity.