For any information and for buying our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Globus Italia – Headquarters
Via Vittorio Veneto 52 – 31013 Codognè (TV) – ITALIA
T. +39 0438 7933
F. +39 0438 793363
[email protected]

Globus Brasil HiTech-Comercio de Equip
Import. & Export. Ltda.-Cnpj 13.480.805/0001-21
Rua Luiz Leopoldo F. Pinheiro,587
Sala 501, Centro Niteroi 24030127 Rio De Janeiro (BRA)
[email protected]

Globus Sport and Health Technologies Ilc
7280 NW 7th St Unit 109
Miami, FL 33126
[email protected]

Kineo is a brand by Domino srl

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