What professionals have to say

«Kineo stimulates not only the muscle system but also the motor pattern of the whole central nervous system. Kineo permits to check each repetition and make an immediate assessment of work quality.»

RUBEN OSCAR ARGEMI – Physiologist Medical Doctor – Boca Juniors Lab known in the world of sports as the director of the Boca Lab (Boca Juniors) made more than 500 national lectures and more than 1,000 international lectures.

«Kineo is not a machine but a methodology that can be used at any sports level. Kineo is one of the most effective novelties in sports technology, because it combines extreme effectiveness and great simplicity of use. With Kineo, the data obtained from the test is immediately ready to be used.»

GIAN NICOLA BISCIOTTI – Injured players recovery manager – FC Internazionale – Mr. Bisciotti wrote 15 books and more than 350 articles on athletic preparation, physiology, biomechanics and rehabilitation

«Kineo lets you organize the work in a focused way, thanks to the different contraction patterns that can be used and to the variable load, with everything under control thanks to the instant feedback. The assessment tests permit to check the measured values easily with one single machine and to collect a substantial amount of data.»

GIANPAOLO BOSCHETTI – graduated in Massage Physiotherapy and Sports Science, in 2012 set up PhisioHP, where he works on athletic preparation and functional recovery. He also worked two years with the Italian Beach Volley national team winning 3 world medals.

DR. BOB CHEN – Chief expert of physical rehabilitation of China Basketball Association and China Golf Association. Dr. Bob Chien Sports Training and Rehab Center is a place that features rehabilitation, and also combines all the following services: rehabilitation, training, fitness, health, and body posture adjustment. Based on years of clinical experience, Dr. Chen has developed the concept of “Ti Neng Kang Fu,” a new science that specializes in health and restoration of human body functions. The term may be understood as follows: “Ti” is for body, “Neng” is for function, “Kang” is for health, and “Fu” is for recovery or restoration. .