The isokinetic method is characterized by a movement at a predetermined constant speed, regardless of the strength applied by the subject: this allows to carry out the rehab process in full safety condition.

The main features of the isokinetic method in the Kineo system are:

  • Isokinetic exercises in open and closed kinetic chain;
  • constant speed regardless of the applied force;
  • The subject may use all his strength according to the joint angles;
  • In the presence of pain, stopping the movement brings the load to zero;
  • The Biphasic Load allows you to independently configure the concentric and eccentric phases.

Five-speed isokinetic mono and bipodalic test

Many workout stations in one

No more difficulties in configuring different workstations. Kineo performs isokinetic exercises on different stations with no wasting of time and with maximum simplicity.

Open and closed kinetic chain

EWith the 2 Kineo stations of Leg Extension and Squat the subject can perform both exercises in Open Kinetic Chain (Leg Ext) and in Closed Kinetic Chain (Squat).

Differentiated Concentric / Eccentric Load

With Kineo Biphasic Load it is possible to differentiate the load between the concentric and eccentric phase to reduce the muscular effort and to enhance job security (e.g.: concentric phase in isokinetic mode at a given speed and eccentric phase in isototonic mode with any load)